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RALT series AC / DC Leakage Current Sensor

RALT AC / DC Leakage Current Sensor, developed on the basis of Multi-Point Zero Flux Gate technology is a measuring module that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to convert the measured current into a DC/AC voltage (or DC/AC current) signal proportional to the primary current. The primary and secondary sides are highly insulated. It has the characteristics of high accuracy, high linearity, high integration, small size, simple structure, stable long-term work and adapting to various working environments.

RALT series leakage current transducer is designed for residual and micro current measurement from 0.01A to 10A, and output with voltage. It has been used for vacuum coating and data center power supply systems.

Key Features of RALT leakage Current Sensor

High Accuracy

PPM leve accuracy from range 1mA to 10A;

Micro Current Measurement

Measurement range down to 1mA with 50ppm accuracy

AC / DC Measurement

Can measure both AC & DC currents.

Insulated Measurement

Non-contact and insulated measurement

Typical Applications of RALT Leakage Current Transducer

leakage current transducer application - bullet train
Rail Applications

• Measure instantaneous current and voltage values in isolation.

• RenAn Residual Current Transducer Products are available with range from 0.01A to 10A with non-contact method to measure current

• Highly flexible installation, and modular design to meet the different market demands of railway systems.

• Achieve high performance indicators (accuracy from 1% to 0.1%)

• Wide temperature range, high insulation withstand voltage and electromagnetic compatibility design to meet the railway standards of different countries.

The maximum allowable input leakage current of UPS products is up to 5% of the UPS rated load current, which  is much higher than common 30mA configuration. Therefore, the operating current level must be increased when selecting the anti-leakage protector to prevent frequent misoperation. According to the regulations of the power department, UPS leakage protection It should be classified as a first-level general protection and belongs to leakage protection.

When there are multiple leakage protectors in the power distribution system, the selectivity of grading actions should be met. The rated leakage current of the upper-level leakage protector should be at least three times the rated leakage current of the lower-level leakage protector, and the minimum non-operation time of the upper-level leakage protector should be greater than the maximum cut-off time. The closing time of the lower level protector. Otherwise, due to the matching problem of the upper and lower actions, a large area power failure will occur.

RenAn residual current transducer products are designed to meet the requirements of multi-level residual current protections, with range from 0.01A to 10A, high accuracy & linearity, low zero offset voltage, high bandwidth and short dynamic response time. 


residual current transducer application - ups
Data Center UPS

RALT Leakage Current Sensor Catalog

RALT leakage current sensors Naming principle

RALT leakage current sensor Naming Principle

High precision leakage current sensors

Model NumberNominal range (mA)Maximum rangeRatioSecondary output (mA)Bandwidth (kHz)Accuracy (ppm)Linearity (ppm)Power supply (V)Aperture (mm)Datasheet
RALT1-H121:10±10100503±156.3X0.8 Inserted barRequest Datasheet & Quote
RALT10-H10201:5±50200202±156.3X0.8 Inserted barRequest Datasheet & Quote
RALT100-H1001501:1±100300102±156.3X0.8 Inserted barRequest Datasheet & Quote
RALT1000-H10001,50010:1±100300102±156.3X0.8 Inserted barRequest Datasheet & Quote
RALT10K-H10,00015,000100:1±100300102±156.3X0.8 Inserted barRequest Datasheet & Quote

Industrial leakage current sensors

Model NumberNominal range (mA)Maximum range (mA)RatioSecondary output (mA)Bandwidth (kHz)Accuracy (ppm)Linearity (ppm)Power supply (V)Aperture (mm)Datasheet
RALT1-M121:10±1020100030±156.3X0.8 Inserted barRequest Datasheet & Quote
RALT10-M10201:05±502030020±156.3X0.8 Inserted barRequest Datasheet & Quote
RALT100-M1001502:01±505020020±156.3X0.8 Inserted barRequest Datasheet & Quote
RALT1000-M10001,50020:01±5010020020±156.3X0.8 Inserted barRequest Datasheet & Quote
RALT10K-M10,00015,000200:01:00±5010020020±156.3X0.8 Inserted barRequest Datasheet & Quote

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