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RAAS aC High Precision Power Supply - Specifically for frequency variable system

The variable frequency precision power supply is the core component of the variable frequency power value traceability (or value transmission) system, and is a voltage and current signal generator with variable output frequency. The device can independently adjust the amplitude of voltage and current and the phase difference between them. The device also includes a standard meter that can accurately measure voltage, current, frequency, and synthetic reactive power of voltage and current. The indicated value of the standard meter is used as a comparison reference standard to realize the value traceability of various measuring devices/systems with variable frequency power as the main measurement object. As a measurement standard instrument for traceability, its metrology characteristics can meet the requirements of relevant metrology regulations.

RAAS frequency conversion AC high precision power supply source can fully cover the calibration and verification requirements of frequency conversion and power frequency power measurement instruments/systems within the range of 0-10kV, 10-1000A, 5-400Hz, phase angle 0—359.99°, and its basic accuracy is 0.05%.

Background of development for RAAS aC Precision power supply

Electric energy is the main industrial energy in our country. Adopting frequency conversion speed regulation technology is an important way to improve the operation efficiency of electrical equipment, and correctly evaluating the frequency conversion energy efficiency evaluation system is a necessary link to tap the potential of energy saving and consumption reduction and improve the efficiency of electric energy use. Therefore, the scientific, authoritative and accurate traceability of the frequency conversion test equipment determines the correctness and legitimacy of the operation of the frequency conversion energy efficiency evaluation system, makes the energy efficiency evaluation evidence-based, and provides a basis for the realization of social energy conservation and emission reduction goals. 

In the application process, variable frequency electricity often presents characteristics such as non-standard sine waves, low fundamental frequency, low power factor, and rich harmonics, making accurate measurement and value traceability very difficult.

At present, Fluke 6100 is widely used as the power standard source to calibrate the frequency conversion electric quantity measuring instruments at home and abroad. However, with the rapid development of heavy equipment manufacturing industries such as high-power frequency converters/inverters, renewable energy power generation equipment, and wind turbines, the above methods are far from being able to meet the full range of current variable frequency power test instruments/systems due to the limitation of source output capabilities. The demand for traceability of the value within the scope. High-voltage, high-current, and high-power frequency conversion test systems have nowhere to be submitted for inspection, the type evaluation of frequency conversion electricity metering cannot be carried out, and the quality supervision and inspection of frequency conversion test equipment cannot be carried out effectively. The absence of the traceability system of the quantity value not only affects the legal management of energy measuring instruments, but also seriously restricts the healthy development of the frequency conversion measurement sensor and instrument industry.

The development of RAAS AC precision power supply solves all those issue for the big power converter testing applications. 

Applications of RAAS AC Precision Power Source

RAAS variable frequency precision power source is mainly used for traceability of variable frequency power value. Figure below is a diagram of the variable frequency power value traceability system composed of RAPA600 variable frequency power analyzer and RADT digital data transmitter, which can be used for variable frequency power measurement instruments and variable frequency power transmission Quantity traceability of power converter and frequency conversion power test system:

  • Frequency conversion electric quantity measuring instruments (covering industrial frequency electric quantity measuring instruments) mainly refer to: digital voltmeter, digital ammeter, power meter, such as power analyzer, electric energy meter, harmonic analyzer, etc.
  • Quantity traceability system of frequency conversion power transmitter. Variable frequency power transmitters  mainly refer to various voltage and current sensors and transmitters, including frequency conversion power transmitters with both digital & analogical output, such as: RAPS series variable frequency power sensors, Hall voltage sensors, Hall current sensors, electromagnetic voltage & current transformers, capacitive voltage transformers, voltage dividers, shunts, Rogowski coils, etc.
  • Quantity traceability system of frequency conversion power test system, which mainly refers to the system composed of frequency conversion power transmitter and frequency conversion power measuring instrument.

Key Features of RAAS Precision power supply

Extraordinary Voltage & Current Output Capability

The RAAS frequency conversion power standard source adopts the design concept dominated by digital electronic technology, breaks through the limitation of the traditional standard source output capability, can provide voltage and current output up to 10kV and 1000A, and its basic accuracy is 0.05%, and the voltage and The amplitude, frequency, and phase angle between the currents are independently adjustable. The output capacity of the voltage channel can reach 500VA, and the output capacity of the current channel can reach 3000VA.

Innovative safety design for operators

The source and the meter are isolated. The source includes the signal source that generates high-voltage signals and large currents and is installed together with the frequency conversion power sensor for measurement. The meter unit is connected with source unit via optical fiber, so there is no electrical connections, which improves operation safety of the equipment.

Supports single & multi phases system applications

The RAAS variable frequency power standard source is a single-phase system. When the client needs multi-phase calibration applications, multiple RAAS variable frequency power standard sources can be used to increase the number of output phases through synchronous master-slave control, which can be extended to six phases maximum. Its basic technical indicators will not change due to the increase in the number of output phases. It is an ideal choice for building a value traceability system for multi-phase frequency conversion electric quantity measuring instruments.

Excellent EMC performance & Friendly HMI

RAAS variable frequency precision power supply always implements the concept of electromagnetic compatibility, adopts excellent shielding and grounding technology, reasonable filtering measures, digital closed-loop control based on optical fiber transmission, etc. to eliminate the influence of external interference, providing a guarantee for the output stability and EMC performance of the entire standard source Reliable guarantee. Its HMI is based on Windows OS. The operation can be done both at the Meter unit and external keyboard and mouse.

Naming Principle of RAAS Precision Power Supply

RAAS variable frequency precision power source can offer following options:

Voltage output range: 1,000V , 10KV;

Current Output:100A, 500A & 1,000A

Frequency output: 45-65Hz (Standard version), and 5-400Hz variable frequency version. 

Model NumberRAJM SeriesNominal Current Output Range (A)Nominal Voltage Output Range (V)Accuracy
RAAS1000C100RAAS AC Precision Power Supply1~10010~10000.05%
RAAS1000C500RAAS AC Precision Power Supply5~50010~10000.05%
RAAS1000C1000RAAS AC Precision Power Supply10~100010~10000.05%
RAAS10KC100RAAS AC Precision Power Supply1~100100~100000.05%
RAAS10KC500RAAS AC Precision Power Supply5~500100~100000.05%
RAAS10KC1000RAAS AC Precision Power Supply10~1000100~100000.05%
RAAS1000C100-VRAAS AC Precision Power Supply - Variable Frequency Version1~10010~10000.05%
RAAS1000C500-VRAAS AC Precision Power Supply - Variable Frequency Version5~50010~10000.05%
RAAS1000C1000-VRAAS AC Precision Power Supply - Variable Frequency Version10~100010~10000.05%
RAAS10KC100-VRAAS AC Precision Power Supply - Variable Frequency Version1~100100~100000.05%
RAAS10KC500-VRAAS AC Precision Power Supply - Variable Frequency Version5~500100~100000.05%
RAAS10KC1000-VRAAS AC Precision Power Supply - Variable Frequency Version10~1000100~100000.05%

Specification of RAAS Standard power Source

General technical indicatorsVoltage/current setting resolutionOutput fundamental range FrequencyAccuracyFrequency setting resolutionWarm-up time to nominal accuracy
5 位5Hz to 400Hz(Variable frequency version)
45 to 65Hz (normal version)
0.02%0.01Hz1 hour
Phase angle setting rangePhase angle accuracyPhase angle setting resolution
0° to 359.99°0.02°0.01°
Voltage Channel SpecificationsOutput rangeOutput capacityAccuracyStabilityWaveform distortion
0V to 10kV500VA0.05%0.02%(1 hour)less than 0.5%
Current Channel SpecificationsOutput rangeOutput capacityAccuracyStabilityWaveform distortion
0A 至1000A2000VA0.05%0.02%(1 hour)less than 0.5%
Synthetic Power SpecificationsOutput rangeAccuracy
500VA to 10MVA0.1%(Power factor>0.8)

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