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RADS High Precision DC Current Source

RADS series high-precision DC current source is the second generation of low-voltage DC high-current source of our company. It has the characteristics of digital control, high precision, high stability, and output can be reversed. A series of advantages such as cooling and heat dissipation and high reliability. It provides a maximum output current exceeding ±1500A in a standard 5U chassis, and multiple chassis can be directly connected in parallel to provide a current of more than 10000A.

Key Features of RADS High Precision DC Current Source

RADS high precision dc current source Side view
  • Fully modular design, flexible combination
  • Built-in high stability reference, high precision DAC
  • Digital control, USB interface
  • Keyboard and LCD display
  • Ultra-high precision, ultra-high stability, extremely low temperature drift
  • Fast settling time
  • Small size, 220V mains power supply, high efficiency
  • Air cooling, automatic fan, low noise
  • High power density
  • Fast electronic commutation
  • Built-in perfect protection function
  • Multiple chassis can be directly connected in parallel to obtain greater current output

patented design of RADS High Precision DC Current Source

The RADS series high precision DC current source adopts a fully modular design, which maximizes the current output in a small volume, and improves flexibility and reliability. There are up to 6 built-in parallel output current sub-boards with nominal output of 250A. And each of the modular sub-boards can operate independently, so the damaged sub-board will not impact the operation of the overall system, and this feature also allows our customers to configure the suitable number of boards for their needs. 

The inside of the current source is controlled by the “current source controller”, including “LCD display”, “keyboard”, “USB interface”, “fan” and other modules, which can realize cooling fan speed adjustment, LCD display interface control, keyboard control and USB serial port Control, LABVIEW control and other functions, real-time monitoring of current source temperature and output voltage through the signal acquisition module.

Precision DC Current Source working principle

Further more, multi- RADS precision DC current source units can also be connected in parallel to expand their overall output up to 10kA. 

Multi Current Source in parallel

Specifications of RADS Precision Current Source

Output accuracy0.030.06%
Output resolution1.257.5mA
Output stability0.010.03%
Stabilization time1060S
Output ripple10NAmArms
Minimum output current0.1NAA
Standby power20NAW
Maximum output voltage310V
Supply voltage110/220260Vac
Highest efficiencyNA85%

Catalog of RADS Precision Current Source

Rated output current (A)NA±250±500±750±1000±1250±1500
Maximum output current (A)NA±260±520±780±1040±1300±1560
Maximum Load Impedance (mΩ)100%
Maximum output power (W)100%300600900120015001800
Maximum input power (W)NA4508501250165020502450
Weight (kg)NA19±0.520±0.521±0.522±0.523±0.524±0.5

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