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Comparing to the 1% accuracy of hall effect current sensor, RAIT current sensors have the following advantages:

  1. 0.05% accuracy;
  2. 50ppm linearity;
  3. Less than ±10uA Zero Offset;

Disadvantages of Hall Effect Current Sensor

Among various methods of non-contact current measurement, current measurement based on the Hall principle is the most commonly used method. When the magnetic field is concentrated, the Hall element can sense the magnetic field and generate a voltage, which is called the Hall voltage and can be used for direct output or feedback control. From this structure, it can be seen that when the cable of the measured current is close to the Hall element, a relatively obvious magnetic field change will occur, resulting in the generation of position errors. In order to reduce this error, the method of symmetrical arrangement of multiple Halls and multiple breaths can usually be used to solve the problem, but no matter what method is adopted, the position error cannot be fundamentally eliminated, because the number of Hall elements cannot be increased indefinitely. This is why the user manual of the Hall sensor usually requires the user to center the measured current row (cable) on the perforated part as much as possible when measuring the current. Sometimes in order to eliminate the influence of position error, a built-in current bank can be used.

Why Use RAIT to Replace Hall Effect Current Sensors

High Accuracy

With 0.05% accuracy, 10 times better than traditional hall effect current transducers

Low Cost

The cost is similar with hall effect current transducer

AC / DC Measurement

Can measure AC, DC, and Pulse currents.

Low Temperature Drift

Temperature Drift: 50ppm/K

High Linearity

Full scale 50ppm

Low Zero Offset

Max. ±10uA full temperature range

Comparing to the traditional Hall Effect technology, the RAIT series AC / DC Hall effect current sensor substitute products  developed on the basis of Multi-Point Zero Flux Gate technology by RenAn Precision adopt an integral magnetic core and has no air gap, the position error and anti-interference ability are all better than the Hall current sensor, which improves the accuracy of the fluxgate current sensor. This revolutionary product design also reduced the cost of zero fluxgate current sensor down to hall effect current sensors level, which is less than 100USD, but improved the performance of the sensor in accuracy, linearity, zero drift and temperature drift terms. RAIT current sensors can be utilized for both AC and DC current measurement for motor drive, UPS, Welding, Robot, Hoist, Elevator applications. All RAIT current sensor  products are CE EMC & RoHS compliant.

Typical Applications of RAIT Substituting Hall Effect Current Sensor

EV Charge Stand
Renewable energy

RAIT substituting hall effect current sensor products have been widely used as the current measurement sensor to control the DC output and AC input of the power converters, for example the ones for EV charge stand and renewable energy converters such as solar and wind turbine converters. 

Comparing with traditional hall effect current sensor, the cost of the sensors is not increased significantly, but overall performance of the power converter has been improved dramatically, especially in the control accuracy, and finally the energy efficiency is improved.

RenAn Substituting Hall Effect Current Sensor Catalog

RAIT Naming Principle

Model NumberNominal Range (A)Maximum Range (A)RationSecondary Output (mA)Bandwidth (kHz)Accuracy (ppm)Linearity (ppm)Power Supply (V)Aperture (mm)Datasheet
RAIT20-5D100±20±24500:1±40100500100±1212Request Datasheet & Quote
RAIT50-5D50±50±601000:1±5010050050±1212Request Datasheet & Quote
RAIT100-5D50±100±1202000:1±5010050050±12~±1512Request Datasheet & Quote
RAIT200-5D50±200±2402000:1±10010050050±15~±1820Request Datasheet & Quote
RAIT300-5D50±300±3602000:1±15010050050±15~±1825Request Datasheet & Quote
RAIT400-5D50±400±4802500:1±1606050050±15~±1825Request Datasheet & Quote
RAIT600-5D50±600±7203000:1±2008050050±15~±1835Request Datasheet & Quote
RAIT1000-5D50±1000±12005000:1±2003050050±18~±2438.5Request Datasheet & Quote

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