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Digital Current Sensor & Voltage Sensor In One - rADT digital Module

The RADT digital current sensor and voltage sensor is a compact frequency conversion power sensor that has all of the properties of the RAPS series sensors but has more versatile applications than them.
The RADT digital transmitter is a voltage and current digital transducer with excellent precision, large range, and broadband, which conducts signal conditioning and high-speed sampling on the input voltage and current signals, and the output digital quantity is delivered to the host computer via optical fibre. After performing correlation calculation on the digital signal, the host computer software can extract the effective value, fundamental wave, harmonic wave, frequency, and other characteristic values of the measured signal, as well as the active power and reactive power via the correlation calculation of the two channels.

Because of optical fibre transmission, RADT digital current sensor and voltage sensor can effectively minimise loss and interference in the transmission process, and can fulfil the demands of high-precision measurement in a variety of difficult electromagnetic conditions.

DST Digital current sensor front
RADT Digital Current Sensor & Voltage Sensor In One
DST Digital current sensor side
RADT Input Terminals
DST Digital current sensor side 2
RADT Digital Current Sensor & Voltage Sensor Output Terminals and Indicators

Key Features of RADT Digital Current Sensor & Voltage sensor

Front-end digitalization, outstanding EMC performance

The extent to which electromagnetic interference influences measurement varies with the signal conditions. High-voltage, high-current signals are more susceptible to interference, whereas low-voltage, low-current signals are more sensitive. All active sensors (such as Hall sensors, for example) have a low output voltage (peak value within 15V), a low current (usually less than 500mA), and a weak anti-interference capability.To eliminate loss and interference in the transmission connection and assure measurement accuracy, the RADT digital transmitter module uses front-end digital technology to digitise the measured signal and send it across optical fibre.

2. High-accuracy measurements over wide amplitude, wide frequency, and wide phase ranges

Each range of RADT digital current sensor and voltage sensor contains 8 gears, and each gear only measures the signal from 50% to 100% of the range of this gear, achieving high precision measurement within from 1% to 125%  of the overall nominal range. The data will not be lost when the gear is exchanged due to the seamless range conversion technology, which can satisfy the demands of dynamic measurement across a broad range.

The RADT digital transducer can meet the nominal accuracy index within the fundamental frequency range of 0.1Hz to 1500Hz and bandwidth of 100kHz, as well as the requirements of electric parameter measurement in the fields of electric power, frequency conversion speed regulation, rail transportation, special power supply, and so on.

The RADT digital current sensor and voltage sensor integrates voltage and current measurement, which simplifies the phase compensation circuit and increases phase angle test accuracy, enhancing power measurement accuracy across a broader phase range and achieving high precision power measurement under low power factor. 

3. The same channel can measure both analog and digital pulse signals

While the RADT digital current sensor quantifies each channel using an analogue signal, it can effectively extract the fundamental wave of any complex signal by using a frequency filter and accurately measuring its fundamental frequency, while the amplitude and bandwidth requirements of the frequency signal are exactly the same as analogue. As a result, the RADT digital transmitter can measure a wide range of analogue and digital pulse signals, allowing it to be paired with various electrical or non-electrical sensors or analogue output transmitters to achieve precision measurement for a variety of electrical and non-electrical measures.

4. Key Performance indicators of RADT current sensor and voltage sensor

ItemValueTest conditions
Maximum sampling rate250kHz/
Bandwidth (-3db)100kHz/
Voltage measurement range1200V/
Current measurement range1.5A/6A/15ASelected via input terminals
Voltage accuracy0.1%rdAmplitude:0.5%~100%UN
Fundamental frequency: DC,0.1Hz~1500Hz
Current accuracy0.1%rdAmplitude 0.5%~100%UN
Fundamental frequency DC,0.1Hz~1500Hz
Power accuracy0.1%rdPower factor: 1
Fundamental frequency: 45~66Hz
0.2%rdPower factor: 0.2~1
Fundamental frequency: DC,0.1Hz~1500Hz
0.5%rdPower factor: 0.05~0.2
Fundamental frequency: DC,0.1Hz~1500Hz
Frequency measurement rangeDC,0.1Hz~1500Hz/

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