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PCS Testing Planform

After the energy generated by the photovoltaic cell module passes through the power regulator, the direct current will be converted into alternating current. The battery charging control unit converts electric energy, and minimizing the loss in these conversions can improve the efficiency of the entire energy system.

The test platform built with high-precision current sensors RAPT100, RAPT200, RAPT600, RAPT1000 and RAPA600 power analyzer can simultaneously perform PCS input measurement and PCS output measurement.
PCS input measurement: voltage, current, power, ± energy, voltage ripple rate, current ripple rate
PCS output measurement: voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency, ± energy, efficiency, loss, voltage/current waveform, harmonic analysis, unbalance rate, distortion rate.

Products for PV PCS Testing Platform


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PS power sensor, energy sensors high precision, low voltage, high current
RAPS Power Sensor

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RAPA600 Power Analyzer
RAPA600 Power Analyzer

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Industrial Grade Applications

The power converters / inverters play a critical role for both wind turbine generation and PV generation to converter the various forms of power generated and then get them connected to the grid. The performance of the current measurement in these systems determines the performance and the efficiency of the power converters and inverters accordingly. Hall-effect current transducers were traditionally utilized in those converters, but RenAn have developed RAIT hall effect substituting current transducers with zero flux gate technology were also developed to meet the industrial application with 0.05% accuracy but much lower cost for larger deployment, which is similar with traditional hall effect current transducers. 

They are the high performance replacements for traditional hall effect current transducer, as RAIT current transducers have much higher accuracy, better performance in zero drift, temperature drift, response time and bandwidth terms. 

Because of those above advantage, RAIT current transducer are widely integrated into PV and wind turbine converters as the current measurement devices. 

Wind turbine and PV converters
HIT hall effect current sensor replacement

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