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1. EV Battery Industry

Battery discharge testing equipment

Batteries for energy storage or automotive applications face significantly different assessment challenges than familiar consumer electronics because of their longer life expectancy. Consumer electronics typically have a battery life of only about two years, but energy storage applications, it is expected 10 to 15 years for car batteries, even more than 30 years.
Predicting life’s challenges is closely related to assessing
equipment. Conventional testers are less accurate and have little
impact on shorter consumer electronics applications, but over time
they have produced wide and unacceptable variations in the
assessment of EV and battery life.

Battery factory in product research and development, product evaluation, lift cycle test and quality test, especially the battery fas charge technology requirement, from battery charge and discharge unit tester to high power test system unit and module tester are required to develop to the large current direction. 

In terms of the current measurement accuracy, it requires from ±0.1% FSD to ±0.003% FSD, and rising a faster rate less than 1ms. 

The RAPT series high precision current transducers developed by RenAn are ideal for current measurement device in the battery discharge testing equipment, and they are also high performance replacement for traditional current shunts and hall effect current transducers, due to the following advantages: of high accuracy (up to 1ppm), low zero drift, high linearity, low time drift, low temperature drift and fast response time etc. 

During the EV battery pack manufacturing process, it is important to verify the battery discharging capacity, and the battery discharge testing equipment is used for this purpose. However, the equipment itself needs to be calibrated regularly before the test starts. 

The traditional method to calibrate the equipment is with current shunt. But the operation is difficult, temperature drift is an issue and it is also not intelligent. 

However, nowadays, the battery OEMs start to use RenAn RAPM high precision DC current & power tester to replace the current shunts, due its advantages: 

1. Higher Accuracy than current shunts
The RAPM1000 High—Precision DC high precision current Tester launched by RenAn Precision, with a precision of 0.02% level, which can meet the measurement calibration of all charge—discharge testing equipment
2. Simpler to use
Simply pass the test cable through the round hole of the instrument
3. No human operation error
There is no requirement for the position of the test cable in the round hole, and the test cable position does not affect the test accuracy
4.Can be used for long time
Temperature drift ippm, no impact on the test accuracy

5. Lower cost
For example the cost of RAPM1000 is much lower than current shunt 1000A with 50PPM accuracy. 

dc power meter for ev charge station, ev battery etc.

2. EV Converter/Inverter Testing

EV powertrain tester - RAET1000
RAET used for EV Driver Test

The RAET1000 is a highly integrated and portable tester that specialises in the research and development, manufacturing line, and on-site testing of electric vehicle power systems. It meets the test requirements of drivers and motors of various voltages and power levels, and it is compatible with the market’s current mainstream torque/speed sensor signals., to realise the synchronous measurement and recording of DC power parameters, AC power parameters, and mechanical power system parameters. This tester supports AC and DC voltage from 5VP to 1250VP, AC and DC current from 5Ap to 1000Ap, 10V analogue voltage input, 0-20mA/4-20mA analogue current input, and pulse signal input with peak value less than 20V/400kHz.

3. Products for EV High Precision Applications

RAPT Series Precision Current Transducer

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RAET EV Tester

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Industrial Grade Applications

RAIT hall effect substituting current transducers with zero flux gate technology were also developed to meet the industrial application with 0.05% accuracy but much lower cost for larger deployment, which is similar with traditional hall effect current transducers. 

They are the high performance replacements for traditional hall effect current transducer, as RAIT current transducers have much higher accuracy, better performance in zero drift, temperature drift, response time and bandwidth terms. 

Because of those above advantage, RAIT current transducer are widely integrated into EV charge stands as the current measurement devices. 

EV Charge Stand
HIT hall effect current sensor replacement
RAIT Industrial Current Transducer

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