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High Precision Current voltage Transducer manufacturer from China- RAJM

about RAJM

RAJM (Chinese Pinyin Initials of the company name) is a brand owned by RenAn Precision Technology (Hainan) Co., Ltd which is the high precision current sensor and voltage sensor manufacturer based in Free-trade Zone, Hainan, China, innovatively developed and designed high precision AC/DC current transducers & standard testers with zero flux gate technology.

RenAn Precision design and manufacture wide range of current transducers, voltage transducers, power transducers and testers for the DC and AC current, voltage and power measurement to meet the requirements in different industries, such as medical, railway, renewable energy, EV/HEV charging stand and calibration & testing etc.

current transducer manufacturer in China

what do RAJM stand for? And our vision

R - Reliable

We provide the reliable products and after-sales services to our customers;

A- Accurate

Our current and voltage transducers and testers are with top level accuracy, which can reach up to 1ppm;

J- Jointed

We are always jointed with our partners, industrial experts, and customers to find the most suitable solutions and products for their needs;

M- Made-to-measure

We develop and manufacture the custom-tailored sensor and tester to fit the specific measurement requirements of the customer;

Our Focus - High Precision current, voltage & Power measurement

After more than 10 years of hard work, a complete product chain consisting of a series of current voltage, and power sensors, as well as testers and analyzers have been developed. Our products bandwidth covers DC~800kHz, the voltage range covers 0~35kV, and the current covers 0~2000kA. A complete measurement and calibration system has been established within the business. 

Our products have been used for voltage, current, power, harmonic and other electric power testing and measurement of various frequency conversion speed regulation systems, which are important tools for energy efficiency evaluation of frequency conversion equipment for the industries, like power generation, renewable energy, railway traction system, Electrical Vehicle (EV) drive and electrical moter test bench. 

Supported by our sensors, testers and software, RAJM is also capable to provide customized and specialized turn-key electrical test solution for AC/DC motors, power converters and transformers etc, that are applied by industries like Ship electric propulsion, motor, fan/water pump, rail transit, electric vehicle, frequency converter, special transformer, switching power supply, electric welding machine, wind power generation, photovoltaic, fluorescent lamp, LED lighting etc. 

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